About Pacific Island Art


In old Polynesia, before the arrival of Europeans, no woven fabrics were made, Tapa clothes replaced them. Made of different kinds of tree barks it was decorated in several ways. Hand  painting or printing of bamboo engraved designs or ferns or other leaves, immersion of the whole tapa in dye bath, burnishing of the tapa expose to smoke.


Tahiti Art, created more than fifty years ago with the desire to keep a local expression through the processes used and the patterns of traditional inspiration, has kept these objectives. The implementation of specific techniques for block printing of motifs carved by hand always go back to the ancient methods of Tapa decorating, but requires the use of new coloring agents for their implementation.

Since they cannot be identically reproduced, each piece of our garment is UNIQUE.

Willing to export Tahiti Art products to the international market, Pacific Islands Art Limited has been setup in Fiji, hub of the Pacific Islands in 2010.

We are now proud to promote Tahiti Art products all over the world.