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Pacific Islands Art Hand Printed Island Wear

Tahiti Art, created more than fifty years ago with the desire to keep a local expression through the processes used and the patterns of traditional inspiration



Before the arrival of Europeans in Polynesia, no woven fabrics existed and only Tapa Cloth was used. Tapa cloth is made from bark, and can be decorated by rubbing, stamping, stencilling, smoking or dyeing.

These ancient processes are upheld by Pacific Islands Art, with the desire to keep a local tradition and techniques alive. The result of these time-honoured skills is a hand-made product which cannot be identically reproduced, culminating in a unique piece of apparel.

The Pacific Islands Art Limited range is known for its bright, bold, and beautiful colours, including our gorgeous hand printed sulus, men’s shirts and women’s dresses. Always striving to improve our business, we are constantly looking for innovative ways to increase product variety, boost our creative processes, and improve customer satisfaction.

With so many on-going projects aiming to expand our market, we hope to bring our beautiful clothes and designs to more countries around the world. In the traditional Polynesian manner, our style is inspired by nature. Leaves and flowers, waves and the ocean, animals and fish all influence and motivate our work, along with Tahitian pieces like Vahines and traditional Tahitian prints or designs.

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Since they cannot be identically reproduced, each piece of our garment is UNIQUE.

Originally set up in Tahiti, French Polynesia, Tahiti Art was created in 1958.

Realizing the potential variety of target audiences and willing to export our products to the international market, Pacific Islands Art Limited now subsidiary of Tahiti Art has been setup in Fiji, hub of the Pacific Islands in 2010.

Since them, we have now 3 local shops here in Fiji, also a full expansion of products diversity and have recently built a completely new warehouse here in Fiji.

We are now also very proud to promote Tahiti Art products all over the world.

Pacific Island Arts

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