More ways to earn points:

  • 50 points for sign up ( new customer sign ups )
  • 10 points for referral sign up. ( use referral link under my account > loyalty program )
  • 20 points for each referral purchase ( up to 10 orders ) *valid for 100 days from time of referral sign up
  • 5 points per approved product comment/review

Additional features:

Point Conversion ( generating single use coupons)

Convert your un-used points to discount coupon codes, either to use on your next purchase or as a gift.

  • minimum 500 points ( $5 discount on purchase ) 
  • expires after 60 days
  • minimum order total of $100 to use coupon 
Share Points

Share points with other customers of the site. Just use our share points service under my account > loyalty program.

* use recipients PIA account registration email.

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